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Congratulations, what deserved awards

Posted Dec 31 2009 12:00am

Congratulations, what deserved awards

As always the names included in the honours list resemble much more a government ball convention that anyone who actually gives a flying f*ck for public service. In fact in the current climate anyone who actually fights for the public interest is more likely to end up dead in a forest than on the honours list, that's thanks to the bunch of crooks we have in charge at the moment.

David Nicholson is to be knighted for his great services to the government, er sorry, the national health service I meant. So what has David done to deserve such recognition? Well he's been the chief executive whilst the administration costs have gone through the roof, while the layers of bureaucracy and useless quangos have proliferated like randy rats on , while numerous failed reforms have been forced through from the top where David incidentally resides in his big fat comfy chair.

David has been the chief executive whilst such great schemes as the , Choose and Book, Practice Based Commissioning, Payment by Results, the IT farce, and have been forced upon the unsuspecting public. ' Reform ' when it comes to the has come to mean wasting billions in fiddling around with the process of actually delivering health care, rather than actually working out ways in which money can be spent effectively to improve the service.

David Nicholson has been one of the key men in driving through this agenda of expensive drivel, he has frequently been there to defend these bogus reforms by spouting some meaningless of the most disingenuous kind. He is now being rewarded for his loyalty by this corrupt award, this is how government works. Simply do a terrible job, act against the interests of the general public by serving your elite masters without ever questioning their right to dictate their dross and then you will be rewarded.
Professor Steve Field has also been rewarded for his loyalty to , this man was a key proponent of and , one of the most catastrophic failures in government health policy in recent years, he has also been involved in the governmnet's incoherent and shambolic handling of the swine flu 'crisis'. It is no wonder that the is guaranteed to fail when failure is rewarded so very openly and corruptly bu our lovely .

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