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Conductor in Boston trolley crash was texting his girlfriend – Similar to the an Incident in Los Angeles Not Too Long Ago

Posted May 09 2009 10:41pm

Not too long ago, this happened in Los Angeles, and the crash was worse, so now we have the same scenario in Boston, a conductor distracted with text messaging.  I’m sure more laws will result, and one additional cure to help might be adding voice technology to texting too.  If you can’t stop the texting, use speech to avoid the distractions of looking at the screen.  We are getting close but someday when voice to text comes around in a format that can be used by all, it might help.  Some of this is available now to enterprise network users with Windows Mobile.  BD 

Saying he was having difficulty containing his outrage, the MBTA's chief said a trolley driver was text-messaging from his cellphone when he rear-ended another Green Line trolley on Friday night, sending scores of people to the hospital and forcing the closure of the Government Center station.

The conductor, 24 years old and with 22 months on the job, was texting his girlfriend, said another MBTA official, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the ongoing investigation.

The driver's action caused a shutdown of a part of the Green Line and left a surreal scene as emergency workers set up a make-shift emergency area next to a circus tent before ushering the wounded to hospitals. It is difficult, MBTA General Manager Dan Grabauskas told reporters, "to contain my outrage'' at the driver's action.

MBTA: Conductor in Boston trolley crash was texting his girlfriend - Local News Updates - The Boston Globe

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