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Concierge Healthcare at Congress - The Office of the Attending Physician

Posted Sep 30 2009 10:24pm 1 Comment

This is a little known perk at Congress for members who elect to pay around $500.00 a year for the service.  It is fully staffed and provides not only family practice type care, but also brings in specialists for members of Congress when needed.  One commented that this office desensitizes many on the plight of the average citizen finding affordable healthcare.  There’s a video from ABC to watch for additional details.  BD 


The Office of the Attending Physician declined to be interviewed by ABC news.  They have a pharmacy and a rehabilitation facility included.  Members of Congress have access to all the primary care they need and half the members of Congress pay the fee.  No additional charges are applied when a specialist is needed.  The doctors are from the Navy.  Members can arrange their surgeries through the office as well, and the video shows one Congressman who selected not to use those services, but did cash in on the rehabilitation portion they offer afterwards. 


One doctor who worked there spoke up on the service offered there and stated it was excellent.  It offers some public services, the mission of the office is to provide Primary Care for Congress.  If there is a medical emergency, the office is called to respond.  One Congressman states everyone in the US should be entitled to Primary Care. 


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Healthcare is a top priority for Americans, even in continually difficult economic times.  With people all around the country cutting back on everything from eating out regularly to family vacations, it seemed only a matter of time before reductions on healthcare spending began.  But that just isn’t so.    


Take Concierge Medicine for example, an avenue within the healthcare industry in which you can find personalized, quality care.  Concierge Medicine has barely been touched by the recession. 


Studies show that Americans value their high quality healthcare and are not eager to give it up, even when money is tight.  They see top healthcare as a necessity, not a luxury.  And it’ll take more than hard times to change that.     


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