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Computer simulation DIEM case goes live!

Posted Nov 30 2010 12:00am

Welcome to the new age in medical education for EM!

I've been working on building these interactive, online simulation cases for CDEM for the past 2 years. Finally, the pilot case (a patient with chest pain) is finally out! EM medical students across the country are trying their hand at diagnosing and managing the patient. Preliminary data shows that the case is easy to navigate and students enjoy the ability to make decisions autonomously.

This is the first case in a series called "Digital Instruction in Emergency Medicine", or DIEM cases. These cases allow the user to navigate through a variety of patient complaints and presentations. Similar to high-fidelity simulation, these cases are dynamic, contain multimedia content, and provide a realistic approach to patient management; however in contrast, users can complete these cases anytime and anywhere. All you need is internet access and a computer with Flash capability.

The DIEM modules are especially unique in several ways
  • There is a timer built into the cases to enhance a sense of realism.
  • Many parts of the physical exam are displayed for the user to interpret (rather than telling the user what was found).
  • When ordering laboratory tests, each test must be justified.
  • At the end of each case, the user is required to write up the Emergency Department chart. Documentation is a crucial skill, which medical students often do not get to practice enough in the age of Electronic Medical Records.
  • Similar to true simulation exercises, case debriefing is just as important as participation in the case. There is a debriefing section for each DIEM module, which includes an area for self-reflection, a discussion of Critical Actions, and the "ideal" chart writeup.'
It really helps to watch the short instructional video above to help you navigate the case. You'll need about 45-60 minutes for the whole case (if you include the chart writeup and all of the debriefing info that follows the case).
Go to the DIEM case on Chest Pain
The DIEM cases will all live on the CDEM Curriculum site, which also houses the online EM textbook available for free. This was written by CDEM faculty members for the senior medical student level.

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