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Common Pain Cream May be of Help During a Heart Attack to Prevent/Reduce Damage - Capsaicin

Posted Sep 17 2009 10:20pm

  Capsaicin is also found in red chili peppers.  Capsaicin can be purchased over the counter at most drug stores.  image It could be used in an ambulance or in the ER room and it is known to have little or few side effects.  They are still working to figure out exactly which spots on the body are the best for application during a heart attack, but if this works, it’s inexpensive and could save lives as it saves heart cells during an attack.  BD

New research from the University of Cincinnati shows that a common, over-the-counter pain salve rubbed on the skin during a heart attack could prevent or reduce damage to the heart while treatment is administered.

Keith Jones, PhD, a researcher in the department of pharmacology and cell biophysics, and scientists in his lab have found that applying capsaicin to specific skin locations in mice caused sensory nerves in the skin to trigger signals in the nervous system. These signals activate cellular "pro-survival" pathways in the heart, which protect the muscle.

"By activating these sensors in the nervous system, via skin, we think that a response to preserve and protect the heart is triggered," said Weintraub.

Study: Common Pain Cream Could Protect Heart During Attack

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