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Colbert Talks About IPad – More Tablet “Goobers” On the Way Soon! Tablet Computer Paradigms Finally Changing

Posted Apr 02 2010 10:29am

Being a Tablet PC user from the day they were released many years ago it’s interesting to see how it has evolved.  I reference the term “goober” as that is how I was seen years ago. I had one hospital CEO that literally used to “run for the hills” when I showed up with my tablet.  It was funny to me to see how a device put the ultimate fear into people as I just walked around taking digital notes and used it productively.  It scared the daylights out of those who live in “tech denial” and still does, although the IPad is working through the paradigm today. 

It is amazing in my estimation on how long it has take the level of acceptance to grow.  At HIMMS in 2008 I walked around using my Tablet PC when even those who sold tablet pcs would not venture out of their booths with their product, why, it wasn’t cool.  At HIMMS 2008 I was truly the absolute “goober” doing what was “uncool” at the time.  At HIMMS it was back to the old “Magpie” philosophy of I’m going to tell you what you can do with a tablet pc, but for God’s sakes don’t expect me to use one, I’m just here to sell you.

When attending meetings everyone had their traditional paper yellow pads, I would just turn on my “digital” pad and take notes with Windows Journal, looks the same but on a device. Oh the looks I got were priceless – how dare you sit in here and not use a paper pad but use a device that perfectly emulates our paper yellow pads!  I was the “goober” alright, why, just because I tried it and liked it and increased my productivity.  I am happy to see the world now at a level of accepting “tablet goobers”!

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I used to do some training for Intel at retail locations and sometimes I would have a representative from HP show up and we worked together.  It was funny that the HP rep would show up with old paper files to have the Best Buy or Circuit City attendees sign in.  What did I do? I scanned an Intel sign in sheet on the tablet pc and had everyone sign in that way – paperless.  I used to sit and wonder why a progressive company like HP didn’t train their “own” employees on value, but yet were there to pitch and promote their technology savvy products?  What was up with that picture?  HP reps couldn’t use their own tablets?  Most of them I met didn’t even own one, but they could sure tell you how to connect a TV to a notebook, again I mention this as it relates to where our focus is, entertainment and not knowledge.

It was and still is  truly a sad note to see frustration and anger from those who would choose to be non participants and thus saw very little value with Tablet PCs, but hopefully we are now overcoming some of this. 

I have an entire section on this blog dedicated to Tablet Computers, check it out.  

Be a “goober”, a tablet goober by all means.  BD 

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