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Coefficient of the Internal Structure of Jaw Breaker

Posted Oct 20 2012 12:10am

The angle formed between the liner of the moving jaw and the liner of the fixed jaw in the crushing chamber is called the nip angle. The nip angle role is used to ensure that the two liners of the crushing chamber can effectively grip the materials to crush them and not slide upward. From the mechanical point of view, the conditions that not allow the material to slide upward are the followings. The pure vertical resultant force acted on the materials should not larger that the plummet resultant force. Most of the materials to be crushed are in polygon. The materials contact with the two liners in the crushing cavity in points. As a result, the materials to be crushed are abstracted into the spheres. There is only one sphere in the width direction of the crushing chamber. Compared with the squeeze pressure and friction imposed by the two liners, the self gravity of the materials is very small, which can be negligible. When the two liners press the materials, there is force acting on the material. The motor drives the belt and pulley and makes the moving jaw move up and down through the eccentric shaft. When the movable jaw rises, the angle between the toggle plate and moving jaw becomes larger, which will promote the movable jaw plate to close to the fixed jaw plate. At the same time, the materials are crushed or splitbroken.
From the analysis we can know that the nip angle of the jaw crusher should not be larger than two-times friction angle. Otherwise, the crusher can not effectively crush the materials and the productivity and efficiency of the crusher will be greatly reduced. In the actual use, the nip angle of the jaw crusher should be 18 and it should not be more than 27 at most. The size of the nip angle will have a direct impact on the production capacity of the crusher. Appropriately reducing the nip angle can improve the production capacity of the crusher but cause the change of the crushing ratio.

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