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CMS issues quality plan for improving patient care

Posted Nov 18 2010 11:09am

Link: Medicare, Medicaid quality plan unveiled

This Tuesday, CMS announced new initiatives to improve care for patients . The LA Times reported that it is potentially "one of the most far-reaching benefits of the new healthcare law." This quality improvement campaign appears to be gaining momentum and bipartisian support from doctors, healthcare experts, consumer groups, and corporate leaders. The American Medical Assocation (AMA) the American Nurses Association (ANA) attended the kickoff meeting in Washington DC demonstrating support and praise for the program.

There is no doubt that our healthcare system needs improvement, some may even say it is broken.. CMS, in its efforts to reduce costs, improve quality, and reform pay-for-service to pay-for-performance, provides guidance that will educate and support efforts of the newly established CMS Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation . States that are participating or have begun their efforts toward this goal are  Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Michigan and Minnesota.

In addition hundreds of federally funded health clinics, which provide primary care to millions of poor Americans on Medicaid will be guided by the center in their efforts to provide primary care to poor Americans on Medicaid. Next year, the center will support efforts to provide guidance to programs designed to improve quality for seniors.

The ability to improve care and reduce costs, is a significant move forward for patients and their families. It is well understood that actions to support these goals will benefit many citizens. At first glance, it makes me think of a proactive, preventative delivery model that is enabled with "communication/bridging" technology that captures, transforms, and securely transmits data from the home directly to the patient's electronic medical record.

IDM-MG 1000 Once in the medical record, physicians can set thresholds customizable by patient condition to monitor their health status. The ability to be notified of critical trends in patient data and the ability to intercept, educate, and produce new/revised patient orders is one way in which we can be proactive in our ability to improve the health of the population.

Clearly, proactive, preventative care for patients can reduce healthcare costs when critical conditions are identified and avoided in advance of a crisis. For an example of technology that can securely transmit patient device data (e.g. Blood Pressure, Glucose, etc.) to patient records, read about Nuvon's IDM-MG 1000, a mobile, medical grade device connectivity "bridge" between patient device data and EMRs .

News Update: CMS innovation center to test new payment models


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