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Chicken/Egg and a Mother’s Day Special

Posted Apr 28 2010 11:22am

I often write about living “positively” (e.g., 3 Things You Need to Move from – to + ,     Finding Opportunity in the Quicksand ) .  Although the topic  sparks interesting discussion and comments ,  I worry I might be creating the wrong impression. (Oh, scroll to the end to find out about the Mother’s Day special)

Following my last post, more readers unsubscribed citing content as a reason than ever (3!).  Now, I don’t mind if people don’t agree with me.  I write to create conversation and stimulate  thought and I hope for new ideas and challenge.   But one “unsubscriber” emailed saying that my words seem to “blame the victim”.  She wrote, “I didn’t create my disease.”

Ouch.  That’s far from my intention.

In fact, nothing makes me angrier than when someone  implies that we cause our illness.  I’ll never forget the “friend” who told me I should be less stressed since that must be what’s creating the ulcerative colitis.  Or the colleague who said, “Multiple sclerosis is a nervous system disease but you don’t seem anxious or nervous – so how’d you get it?”

Does that  seems like a scrambled chicken/ egg thing or what?

OK – we all have stories like that.  You might read this  cool article ( You Make Me Sick , The Science Creative Quarterly).  It debunks the notion that our thoughts/feelings create disease.

That said, I do believe that there’s  power in being able to harness the way you think and retrain your brain. You can retrain your thinking if it’s getting in your way of  living your life as best you can- illness or not.  One reader’s comment led me to read about neuroplasticity, the science behind this.  (It’s good to know that science backs up with I’ve seen work for myself and others).

If you’re wondering how you can do this, what questions to ask yourself or where to start, check this out:

MOTHER’S DAY OFFER:  Do you want to work with a coach who gets what  it’s like to live with chronic illness and can help you achieve greater job satisfaction?

For the month of May 2010, I am offering a special deal to all blog readers  (you don’t have to be a mother!)

When you make an investment in your career and sign up for 3 months of career coaching with me, you receive 50% off the standard fee for 3 months.   (That’s a $450.00 savings!)

Note:  You must have a chronic illness or chronic condition and you must be currently employed or actively looking for a new job or career.

Want to know more?  Email me,, and put Mother’s Day Special in the subject line.

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