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Chemical Found in Medical Devices Linked to Heart Problems - Cyclohexanone

Posted May 09 2009 10:41pm

The loss of memory and/or taste that can occur following bypass surgery has been a mystery and it appears to be the chemical in the tubing , IV bags and catheters.  Perhaps we might see some changes down the road in the manufacturing processes with plastics.  This has not been the only issue image with plastic products as the heated discussion on BPA also continues.  

The side effects eventually dissipate, but they can also impair or delay recovery times.  This might explain why after surgery patients have noticed a change in their tasting abilities and decreased heart functioning.  BD

Johns Hopkins researchers have just discovered that a common chemical used to produce plastic medical devices impairs heart function in rats. Science Daily reported that researchers from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine said that the chemical can be found in intravenous (IV) bags and catheters. The findings appear online in the American Journal of Physiology.

According to Science Daily, the research points to some common side effects following medical procedures that involve blood circulation that occurs through plastic tubing, such as occurs during kidney dialysis procedures and heart bypass surgery. Some of the side effects cited include loss of taste, short-term memory loss, swelling (edema), and fatigue. The research also suggests that the findings present some significant issues for medical plastics manufacturing, said Science Daily. 

In lab tests, those rats who were treated with cyclohexanone “developed edema and impaired cardiovascular function, including impaired baroflex function; systemic hypotension; pulmonary hypertension; depressed contractility, heart rate, stroke volume, and cardiac output; and increased vascular resistance,” explained HealthDay News.   

Chemical Found in Medical Devices Linked to Heart Problems

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