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Check your symptoms -

Posted Sep 01 2009 4:20pm
I was emailed this link. I do not believe medical knowledge is special, although it is clothed in jargon. Whilst teaching medical students I held to the belief that just about anyone can understand anything, providing you explain it properly. If the students did not understand a topic, it was my fault for not explaining it properly. And if I couldn't explain it, one of two things were true. I didn't understand what I was talking about or what I was trying to explain was not true.

I love the God Google, because it helps us understand so much more and provides us with so much information! so I am delighted to pass on this link. This is a summary of places to go to get information about your symptoms. This does not mean however that I agree with current medical explanations. We are at the beginning of understanding the human body not even close to the end. And the answers will not be found through "Dollars, Drugs and DNA" which is the present direction. The Medical Industrial complex is going strong.

Instead, the answers will come out of our collective efforts to understand what is happening in our bodies "Standing on the shoulders of giants" to coin a well used phrase.

This is a post that will help you find out what doctors know already - because its your body and you don't get a second one!

Click here for the link

50 Great Tools to Double Check Your Doctor

August 30th, 2009

You probably know that Googling your symptoms can keep you awake for hours as you click through horror stories of rare cases that vaguely mirror your symptoms. In most cases, it’s best to go see your doctor if you suspect that you’re sick or have a health condition. But when you want a second opinion, you can first turn to these authoritative websites that give you the straight facts, without scaring you.

Symptoms and Conditions

If you’re not feeling your best, head to these informative websites to learn about your symptoms and begin your own research. Continued

Copyright (c) Dr. Liz Miller

Copyright(c)2006 : Dr Liz Miller
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