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Cancer drug shortage at U.S. hospitals, patient care at risk

Posted Oct 18 2011 10:03am

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

By Kester Freeman
Former CEO, Palmetto Health

Hospitals across the country continue to deal with some of the worst drug shortages in recent history. This is a very serious situation and in some cases, patient care has had to be rescheduled because certain drugs are just not available.

NBC Nightly News reported on this topic last night. You can watch the story below. In some cases, there are allegations that companies are trying to profit off this shortage by charging outrageous prices for medications. We have blogged on this issue in recent weeks and it is important that more media outlets cover this story and the impact to patient care. As the NBC report states, a study by the Premier healthcare alliance points out that on average, medications in short supply, are marked up by 650 percent!

Congress has launched an investigation. Let's hope the crisis gets full attention so that doctors, patients and families don't have to worry if they medication they need will be there.

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