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CanadianEMR Star Ratings will replace 'EMR User Experiences'

Posted Oct 30 2008 3:21pm

An 'EMR User Experience' posting was published at the time CanadianEMR was launched in January of 2004. Between 2004 and 2006 a number of contributors posted comments about products that they were considering to purchase or were already using.

Much has changed in the past 3 1/2 years. Some of these companies have gone out of business, others have been acquired and are now run and managed under new names. Some products that were referred to no longer exist or are are offered in a different format. As a result, much of this information is inaccurate or no longer relevant as it is not applicable in September 2007.  As a result the old posting has been removed in preparation for a new service that will soon be provided.

A new form of 'User Rating System' will be soon be available

At CanadianEMR we have been working diligently with the input of multiple vendors and physician advisors. This work has resulted in the development of the CanadianEMR Star Ratings, a new feature that will be available in the next version of CanadianEMR which will launch before the end of September 2007. In preparation for the launch of the new web site and for the reasons mentioned above, 'EMR User Experiences' has now been removed. Although physicians will be able to rate their EMR system from the time of launch, the Star Ratings will not be displayed immediately as we want to ensure there are both a relevant number of raters and a level of confidence that can be applied to the ratings. We will publish the full methodology and the rating criteria on the CanadianEMR site before the first rating is displayed.

Briefly, the way it works is as follows: Star Ratings are generated by physicians who use EMR systems in their practices and who have taken a few minutes to respond to the 15 questions necessary to rate their EMR. These 15 questions are divided into 5 measures of quality - Purchase experience, Implementation experience, Support experience, Usability and Satisfaction with the product. The questions are answered simply by clicking on a star rating of 1-5 for each question. If a physician wants to contribute to the EMR user ratings and rate their EMR system, registration is required. In order to rate, a physician must be a validated user of that product and have used it for a period of at least 6 months. After completing a short questionnaire and a disclosure statement regarding any conflict of interest, permission is requested to contact the EMR vendor simply to confirm use of that EMR. Once confirmed, the user rating will be published to the web site and will be incorporated into the overall rating. Raters will be encouraged to return from time to time to let us know how their EMR system is doing, particularly in the areas of support, usability and satisfaction with the product. As a result we will be able to display a dynamic view of how a company is performing, the number of physicians who have rated that product, the length of time a product has been rated and a range of other measures. We believe this will be very useful to users and potential purchasers of EMR systems.

All physician ratings will be anonymous and any personal information used to create a user account will be treated as highly confidential according the CanadianEMR privacy policy.

I look forward to your thoughts, input and contributions to the Star Ratings. If you have any questions or comments regarding the Star Ratings, please click on the link below:

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