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California Leading The Way With Hydrogen Power – Gov. Arnold Asks Everyone to Involve the US Government

Posted May 05 2010 11:12am

We have been hearing about Kaiser Permanente going green and this is a bit more from our Governor on clean hydrogen power.  We are getting filling stations to get imagehydrogen here in California and Gov Arnold filled up at one. 

Fuel cells can be right next to the building and perhaps we can see this with health care buildings soon as well. 

I hope our next governor continues this methodology of updating us with valuable information – the value of Twitter with live broadcasts!    I love his talk about the luddites we have everywhere today too, got lots of those in healthcare too. Here’s a post where a person trying to help out had the same problem, getting attention and I agree that is so hard to do with “non participants” and I’m kind of used to being seen as somewhat of a “tech heathen”, been going on for years with those who don’t read, listen or use that area of curiosity to see what’s going on.  It sad the old paradigms like that still exist, but something I deal with all the time with technology being viewed as “evil” or I don’t have time to learn anything new.  You don’t know how many times I have heard that. 

The governor says to call the US government and urge them to talk a look at what California is doing.  Good stuff for sure.  BD 

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