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Calculation for Fatigue Life of Blade of Jaw Crusher

Posted Dec 01 2012 12:56am

The fatigue life of blade and the impeller is very important for the jaw crusher. In this article, the experts of Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery will analyze the calculation for fatigue life of the blade and impeller of the jaw crusher.
For the impeller through speeding preloading, when the jaw crusher works with rated load, the equivalent plastic strain will not will be changed. There is no new plastic strain. The improvement for the speeding preloading treatment for the impeller can significantly reduce the largest strain level when the impeller works under normal conditions. At the same time, the elastic working range for the materials can be expanded to improve the fatigue resistance of the structure. The overspeed preload can significantly reduce the stress level when the impeller works normally. The specific reduction number is different from different design. However, the stress level of the jaw crusher is the highest in the impeller which works normally. It is the characteristic for this kind of structure. Speeding preload will lower the value. In addition, the liner surface should force the state to match the level of accuracy of lubricants nature and so affect the speed of fatigue wear. Typically, the liner surface stress is too large, the gap is too small or too large, and lubricants in use corrosive substances will exacerbate fatigue wear. Steel Central Africa will be the case of the presence of inclusions easily cause the stress concentration, the edges of these inclusions is most likely to form cracks, thereby reducing the contact fatigue life of the material.
With the action of the cyclic stress, the jaw crusher is very prone to produce the stress concentration, which is easy to lead to the surface friction. Then large amount of the energy dissipation will be caused. This local energy dissipation will make the temperature distributed again, which will have impact on the credibility of the thermal data. The temperature at this time will not reflect the characteristics of the materials any longer. The temperature will mainly reflect the thermodynamic characteristics local processing area.

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