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Breast Cancer Screening – Radar Breast Imaging in Trials

Posted Nov 13 2008 3:09pm

The technique is called radar breast imaging and is being tested in the UK.  One thing for sure it makes the process much more comfortable than what is done presently with a mammogram, three cheers for that and the process is faster. BD 


Professor Alan Preece and Dr Ian Craddock from the University of Bristol have been working for a number of years to develop a breast-imaging device which uses radio waves and therefore has no radiation risk unlike conventional mammograms. The team began developing and researching a prototype around five years ago and have received funding from organizations including the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), the trustees of the United Bristol Hospitals and the University of Bristol spin-out company, Micrima Ltd.

"The radar breast imaging system came to Frenchay in September this year and so far around 60 women have been examined using it.

"It takes less time to operate than a mammogram approximately six minutes for both breasts compared with 30-45 minutes for an MRI, and like an MRI it provides a very detailed 3D digital image.

New Technology Could Revolutionize Breast Cancer Screening

Hat Tip:  Medlaunches

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