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BP Spain Holdings News - Sustainable Energy and Alternative

Posted Jan 28 2013 2:51am


We have a single aim - to identify and low-carbon transactions in which we grow, core skills and advantages and that can provide a material contribution - and strategic fit with - the growth agenda of BP. 
BP Alternative energy must be concentrated on the latest forms of fuel and power, but it goes back to the traditional forces that BP has built more than a century of finding, producing and delivering energy to its customers. We believe that is a renewable resource and alternative energy devise a growing proportion of the mix -. Renewable resources of the current share of world primary energy is expected to more than triple by 2030 This is why BP Alternative Energy has fired his business six years ago. In that time we have invested around $ 7 billion, have several new companies created from scratch and have a lot of what it takes to develop and learn a new generation of low-carbon transactions set. 
We build a material business, biofuels in Brazil, the United States and establish the Uniting kingdoms, and are one of the largest wind developers in the U.S., with 13 wind farms. We develop long-term value for BP, by developing sustainable energy solutions spanning three broad areas: bio-energy, coal and electrification solutions. 
Under-carbon resources are the fastest growing sector in the energy market, and BP intends to develop its portfolio in step with this growth.


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