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BlueCross Feels The Need To Launch A Pandora Internet Radio Station? Marketing…Marketing…And More Marketing…

Posted Oct 06 2010 1:41pm

Sorry, Blue Cross is not going to be on my list with my selections of Pandora radio stations and you know what, there’s a ton of folks reading this post that have no image clue what Pandora is?  You so get only so many free hours a month without a paid subscription too.  I like the idea and use it, but even with this I have not found that I need a subscription as there are many source of music on the web and I do have low background music running all during my workday.  Gosh forbid the day comes when I can’t tell the difference between what is good workout music or not and need an insurance company to tell me that too.  This is no reflection on Pandora, just a commentary on behavioral studies (big right now with insurance companies) where everyone is trying to gain a piece of your brain and be able to modify your behavior in certain directions, even to the point of potential subliminal suggestions. 

I turned it on for a few minutes, not for me but it got about 5 minutes of my time and I like to choose my own music. It sure looks like insurers are really looking at any tingle of a consumer interest on the web to draw up some more business, that is if your body fits the algorithmic formulas and they don’t consider you a potential risk and money loser when they score you and your health.  BD

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.--( EON: Enhanced Online News )--When you’re searching for tunes to tune up your body, the last place you’d think to turn to is your insurance company. But that’s exactly who’s bringing you music to help you improve your health. BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee has launched the first ever health insurance-sponsored Pandora music station.

To hear music from the BlueCross Pandora Radio Station, go to .

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