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Blue Tooth Healthcare Device Being Shown at CES in Las Vegas – Oximeter for Pulse And Blood Oxygen Information

Posted Jan 07 2010 10:33am

I posted about this blue tooth pulse device back in September of 2009 and did a copy and paste below, and now we are seeing healthcare with Continua standards imagebeing show at the CES show this week.  I keep telling everyone that devices that report data are quickly becoming integrated into the world of healthcare and how advanced they have become, so clinical information is not always going to be done by humans in all areas.  Devices that report vitals are clearly emerging into the picture and this area seems to be so widely ignored by many, especially when we enter into the “meaningful use” arena as the focus still revolves around data input via patients and clinicians.  Devices are on the move with blue tooth, which has changed the entire picture here and they need to be included, but perhaps it’s more of a denial factor or lack of wanting to learn that hinders this.

Last year at CES the product was voted Best of CES for 2009

Just yesterday, we had Steve Ballmer tell everyone to break the keyboard habit and entertain other ways of reacting with computers, a very slow going process as we don’t like or accept change very well as humans.  BD

Blue Tooth Wireless Fingertip Pulse Oximeter – Taking Your Pulse Gone Wireless

Just when you think you have heard it all, you haven’t.  This certainly makes it easier than using a USB cord and it will automatically shut itself off when not in use.  It will give around 600 readings and uses standard 2 AAA batteries. 

The distance is stated at 100 meters and will send the information to a PC, PDA, etc.  Of course you also get an entire audit and data trail of everything submitted and sent.  All these “smart” medical devices pretty much have this all built in.  Once more, this would be a nice device to connect to a PHR, like HealthVault.  The device was approved by the FDA a couple months ago.  I just wrote about the Blue Tooth Stethoscope and here it appears we have a companion if needed.  BD 

With the increased need for remote disease management, there is an opportunity to provide oximetry device monitoring solutions to simplify the exchange of secure information. The integration of interoperable, Bluetooth® wireless technology in health monitoring devices will allow patients, along with their clinicians, to monitor vital signs as they go about their daily lives.


Breakthrough devices such as the Onyx II, Model 9560 will enable clinicians to remotely monitor patients with chronic diseases such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) or Asthma. Wireless oximetry gives patients a new level of freedom and control.

 Press Release:

Nonin Medical's Fingertip Oximeter Demonstrated in the First End-to-End Connected Health Solution Based on Continua Standards

The Onyx(R) II, Model 9560 is Showcased in the Industry's First End-to-end Continua Connected Health Solution at CES

MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Nonin Medical, Inc., a leading innovator of physiological monitoring solutions and the inventor of fingertip pulse oximetry, will demonstrate the World's first Continua(TM) Certified Bluetooth® fingertip pulse oximeter, the Onyx® II, Model 9560, as part of the historic first end-to-end Continua(TM) connected health solution. Based on Continua standards, the complete system will be showcased at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Jan. 7-10 at Booth #2817 in the CES Digital Health Zone.

Together with Continua member companies IBM and Vignet Inc., Nonin Medical will demonstrate how data from consumer health devices can be securely transmitted to a variety of destinations, including hospitals, medical offices, social media and patient information systems for a complete healthcare management tool. The simple three-stage solution using Continua standards features the secure transmittal of accurate vital sign data from the Onyx® II, Model 9560 to a PC manager running the Vignet Connected Health Services platform. The manager will upload the data to an IBM server and can send the data to various service providers such as healthcare facilities, disease management services or personal health record services.

"Continua member companies like Nonin Medical are driving the development of an interoperable, end-to-end ecosystem of personal connected health solutions based on Continua Design Guidelines," said Rick Cnossen, President and Chairman of the Board for Continua Health Alliance. "By providing a framework of standards-based interfaces, Continua is having a significant impact on the future roll-out of these systems by expanding the ability of Continua members to deliver compelling products while removing barriers to global implementation and adoption."

With rising healthcare costs driving care into the home, Nonin Medical's vision of remote monitoring has focused on how to provide cost-effective, accurate physiological data exchange with no proprietary boundaries. This connected health solution realizes that vision and promotes secure information exchange and interoperability to simplify delivery of healthcare for telemedicine systems, healthcare systems, systems integrator partners and patients worldwide. "Vignet is pleased to partner with Nonin Medical on this comprehensive connected health solution," said Praduman Jain, Vignet CEO. "We're proud that the first demonstration of a Continua end to end solution is built using the Vignet platform. Solutions that empower both patients and providers to share and access medical information will play a critical role in accelerating the adoption of connected health devices, EMRs and PHRs."

Nonin Medical's physiological monitoring products for telemedicine are the prevailing gold standard for vital sign assessment of a wide range of chronic disease conditions, such as COPD, CHF and asthma. "We are excited with this historic accomplishment of an interoperable Personal Health ecosystem," said Jayant Parthasarathy, Ph.D., eHealth Business Manager for Nonin Medical and Chair of Continua's Technical Working Group. "By working with our team members at the Continua Health Alliance, we are part of an end-to-end solution that allows us to participate in large-scale, cost-effective implementations of connected healthcare."

Trusted by clinicians worldwide, Nonin Medical's products touch millions of individuals daily. Making its vision of an interoperable personal health ecosystem a reality, Nonin Medical continues to actively invest and develop innovative technologies and education tools for patient empowerment, wellness advocates, healthcare providers, and manufacturers.

About Nonin Medical, Inc. -

Minneapolis-based Nonin Medical, Inc. is a privately owned company specializing in the design and manufacturing of noninvasive physiological monitoring solutions. Nonin distributes its products to health professionals in more than 125 countries and has over 100+ OEM partners worldwide. With over 20 years of industry-leading capabilities in signal processing and sensor design expertise, Nonin's innovative noninvasive physiological technologies enable clinicians to accurately monitor a patient's true condition in the most challenging environments.

SOURCE Nonin Medical, Inc.

Nonin Medical's Fingertip Oximeter Demonstrated in the First End-to-End Connected Health Solution Based on Continua Standards -- MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 6 /PRNewswire/ --

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