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Bloomberg Government Site To Be Available By Subscription With A Goal of Creating a Pay For Value Information

Posted Oct 10 2010 11:03pm

The price for subscription is $5700.00 per year but government subscribers will be given a discount and the dollar amount is not yet known.  As you can read below one lobbyists states the beta system is working for her.

“Maps of all Congressional districts are also available, marked with each hospital and corporate headquarters in the area. Bloomberg eventually plans to list the lobbyists who represent those institutions and how to reach them. image

Jenn Higgins, a principal at the Capitol Health Group, a boutique health care lobbying firm in Washington, has been a tester for the service since July. She said she has already canceled subscriptions to other Washington publications.
This will be interesting to see if it catches on and how well individuals value the aggregation and organization for use. 

In addition all government activities are said to be added along side financials and basically everything relating to government and business to include how to contact a Congressman and the hospitals located in their representative areas too. 

Everyone wants to be a one stop shop today and time will tell if the subscription price commands an audience and from the preview pages I see healthcare is right up there at the top.  BD 

Now Bloomberg is taking that entrepreneurial ethos and making an aggressive push into the Washington media terrain long dominated by trade publications and news outlets like Congressional Quarterly and National Journal, which charge high subscription fees to provide lobbyists and Capitol Hill insiders with information on the nuts-and-bolts of lawmaking and government regulation.


In the same way that Bloomberg terminals have become a ubiquitous presence on the desks of Wall Street traders, Bloomberg executives aim to make their new service an indispensable tool for lobbyists, Capitol Hill staff members and government contractors.

Unlike the Bloomberg financial information service, Bloomberg Government will not require separate hardware to operate. For $5,700 a year for each user (a discount will be available for government users), subscribers will be able to gain access to the system through their personal computers.


By the end of 2011, Bloomberg Government expects to have 150 journalists and analysts on staff. Counting nonjournalists, plans call for Bloomberg Government to expand to 300, which would make the company’s Washington office the largest for a news organization not based in the capital.

Bloomberg Government’s creators have tried to make the service a one-stop-shopping experience for any piece of data that exists about the federal government and the corporations that work on its behalf.

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