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Biden Says Savings with Electronic Records are Big – Is He an ePatient? Let’s Get Personal Here As That is What We

Posted May 11 2010 6:10pm

In short I would say the last 5 years there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t see at least one article about how someone is “saying” electronic medical records image save money, but I guess it continues to be “news fillers” of sorts.

In my opinion, this is “old news” as we all know this by now after 5 years of a daily article or two telling us that.  I know because I wrote an EMR program years ago, so my vote doesn’t count here as I got on to this long before the press did.  Anyway, I look at all these articles with the same un-profound statement as being nothing but “fillers”.  

What I would like to hear is how Joe Biden “values” having his records being done electronically.  This is the world of the social networks and magpie repetition is getting old.  Yes it was good to have the announcement made on the “beacons” but we would like to hear what Joe Biden knows about electronic medical records personally, in other words, does his doctor use them?  Does he see value?  Doe Joe Biden have a personal health record?  I’m using Joe Biden as a poster child but this same fact goes for all others.  If we don’t hear some personal information, then we don’t know if you really see value or not. 

How about Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius for another?  Has she ever used a personal health record?  Does he see any value here and does here doctor(s) use an EHR? 

So many of these people are just talking and lacking any element of being personal, just a tiny bit, to show some participation is exhausting. I still get the feeling we are promoting the philosophy of “its for those guys over there”. 

You know why the electronic medical records push and the personal health records push is so slow?  Read the above, case closed.  image

Are all politicians non participants?  We do see and hear our President get personal with some of his experiences so what’s wrong with everyone else?  Before he ever got into office President Obama was running around with his BlackBerry and knows the value of mobile information, so again we have slow pokes who know what is good for everyone else but are non participants on their own level it appears. 

Medical records and research are all about algorithms.  We need those for the insurance side of things as we already certify the algorithms run by medical record vendors and they pay a big penny for that too. 

Are We Ever Going to Get Some Algorithm Centric Laws Passed for Healthcare!

Get a taste of what those algorithms can do outside of Wall Street, you might be surprised and find something you like here an regain some public trust and belief and be able to tell the difference between the good one and the bad ones (algorithms).  BD 

When electronic health records are fully implemented in 2014, along with health information exchanges and other technologies associated with healthcare delivery, the cost of healthcare will be significantly less than the Congressional Budget Office has calculated, vice president Joe Biden said.

"We believe there's a lot more savings in the healthcare bill that we passed. The CBO, they only count what they can feel and taste. They only count what's done before, and so we think there's a lot of additional savings to be had," Biden said.

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