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Better technology means better patient care at hospitals

Posted Jan 12 2012 5:43pm

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

By Kester Freeman
Former CEO, Palmetto Health

Catholic Health Partners is taking a big step forward into healthcare of the future. The organization announced the implementation of Care Everywhere. The system enables healthcare providers in different parts of the country to access portions of the Epic electronic health record . Impressive!

In the past, patient records had to be faxed, emailed or mailed, which was time-consuming and less secure. Now a provider can access the same information in minutes versus what used to be hours or days. This is better for the patient and healthcare providers too.

“Care Everywhere makes our electronic health record system even more powerful and beneficial to patients,” says Rebecca Sykes, CHP’s chief information officer and senior vice president of resource management. “It moves us closer to the day when each patient will have his or her own electronic health record that can be accessed by the healthcare provider treating that patient, no matter where that healthcare provider is located.” 

I look forward to the day when this kind of technology becomes the standard of care across the country and we are moving in that direction. Having access to health records , no matter who is treating the patient, will help reduce the chance of repeating tests and care that have already been done. It will help get rid of waste from the system. It will help nurses and doctors work more efficiently.

This is an example of what other health systems should be striving to achieve as we continue to reform the way we deliver care in the U.S.

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