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Benefit from Quality Pathology Medical Transcription

Posted Mar 02 2013 9:20am


You can benefit from quality pathology medical transcription by making the smart decision to outsource the process. Whether you are an individual doctor, part of a physician group, or belong to a big medical clinic, hospital or healthcare facility, you can avail of this service. The only thing you have to keep in mind is to make the right choice of transcription service provider. Once you know what the benefits of outsourcing are, you will be better able to choose a medical transcription company.


Medical Transcription Outsourcing– Benefits
  • Comprehensive Range of Services – Owing to the wide-ranging experience of the transcriptionists, they are able to deliver transcripts of any of a wide range of audio recordings – basic diagnostics reports, forensic pathology reports, clinical reports, radiology reports, specimen description, referral letters, patient history and records, specimen description, specimen diagnosis, clinical notes, clinical resumes, operative reports and more.
  • Amazing Accuracy – Leading medical transcription companies adopt a stringent recruitment process. Usually, their rigorous training ensures that all members of their team are fluent in English and have impressive knowledge of more than just basic medical terminology. You can go for a company that provides an accuracy level of 99 percent and above.
  • Strict Quality Control - A company that offers 99 percent accurate transcription most probably has strict quality control protocols in place such as a three-tiered process of quality auditing. The three-tiered process would involve the co-operation of experts such as medical editors and proofreaders.
  • HIPAA Compliance – HIPAA compliance is a measure of the level of seriousness which the company attaches to the security and privacy of a patient’s medical information. Thus this is another advantage of pathology medical transcription outsourcing.

    The service provider would perform security procedures such as password protection of computers, ensuring that all computers are provided with firewalls and current anti-virus software, ensuring that all employees sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, minimum 128 bit encryption standards for transmitted files, random checking and disabling of floppy disk drives or other external drives.

  • Wide Range of Supported Formats – The supported formats include AVI, MOV, WMV, ASX, ASF, SWF, DIC and RM and extended audio formats such as MP3 and WMA.
  • Flexibility – You can select one of two dictation options – toll-free number and digital dictation machine and one of two options for file transfer – secure browser-based transfer and FTP.
  • Convenient Turnaround – You can expect convenient turnaround times ranging from 24 hours to STAT based on your requirement.
  • Customer-oriented – The pathology medical transcription company would entrust a team of transcriptionists with experience and expertise in your particular medical specialty, namely pathology, to perform the transcription. As far as possible, they would retain the same team for all your projects. Formatting would also be done as per your specifications.
  • Great Cost Savings – You can expect to cut your transcription expenses by a maximum of 40 percent.
  • Free Trial – This is a great boon which you should take advantage of. Only then will you be able to assess whether the company’s accuracy level is really as high as it claims, the quality of transcription and other performance measures.
  • Affordable Competitive Pricing
You Have Nothing to Lose

It can thus be concluded that you have nothing to lose but only loads of benefits to gain by outsourcing your pathology transcription service.

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