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Bed Bug Found at Hospital Leads to Lock Down and Fumigation of ER Exam Room – One Bug

Posted Jul 13 2010 6:50pm

According to this article, the bug hopped a ride in from an ambulance and was the only bug found.  This happened in New York where there have been quite a few stories in the news of late about bed bugs coming back. 

The ER room is not a usual spot where they would normally live either, they like quiet according to the exterminator and don’t want to be disturbed.

Here’s a video that will tell you all about Bed Bugs, they attack!   BD

Kings County Hospital officials were forced to shut down and fumigate part of the emergency room Monday after finding a single bedbug, authorities said.

"There was a patient in an ambulance that came in last night, and in the ambulance there was a bedbug," hospital spokeswoman Hope Mason said yesterday.

"As a precaution, the room the patient was in was fumigated," she said.

"No other bedbugs were found."

Only one exam room in the Brooklyn hospital was affected, and everything was back to normal a few hours later.

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