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Be a great speaker: 10 practical pearls (part 3 of 5)

Posted Mar 30 2013 12:00am

For the CORD Distinguished Educator's Coaching Program, Dr. Gus Garmel has kindly offered to share his top 50 points to improve one's speaking skills. These tips are great for anyone who plans to do public speaking. Thus far, this "be a great speaker" series has reviewed 20 pearls.

Part 1:  Pearls #1-10
Part 2:  Pearls #11-20

Here is the next set of 10 practical pearls
  1. EMPHASIZE important information.
  2. One way to do #1 is to give examples, anecdotes, or personal vignettes (including cases) that people will remember.
  3. Be positive: NEVER apologize. For instance, “I’m sorry, my topic is dull,” or “I was assigned this,” or “my slides are too busy” should not be part of your talk. 
  4. Add value: Offer resources or additional information.
  5. Stay cool: No one knows exactly what you plan to say. So if you mess up, forget something, or speak out of order, don’t worry about it. Simply focus on trying to comfortably share the gist of the information. 
  6. Avoid twitches, ‘ums’, and fidgeting. 
  7. Don’t be nervous. It’s not a failed airway on a real patient.
  8. Work the room: Speak clearly, project to, and look at the back and both sides of the room. Don’t ignore anyone. 
  9. Avoid a monotone voice. Vary your voice, tone, and pace.
  10. Have fun! 

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