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Basic Etiquette Tips Regarding Hairdressers London

Posted Mar 20 2013 10:52am

There are so many hairdressers London that you barely know which one to pick. Most commonly, you should base your decision on your friends' recommendations too. After all, you can see the final result as well. However, in order to achieve the most out of this experience, it is vital to follow some simple rules. There is an etiquette when it comes to hairstyling salons too, which is just as important.

 What do I do if I am not satisfied with my new look?

Most people choose to keep it to themselves and just throw out bad reviews left and right. This is the last thing you should do. It is just like in a restaurant. If you do not like the food or it smells funny, you will not just eat it all and then call a couple of days later to complain about it. Therefore, make sure you tell someone as soon as you are done. It makes no difference who you feel comfortable with. If you are just trying to get away without paying anything, it is less likely to do it. You are not the first one, so hair salons are familiar with such procedures and can easily identify your plan. Other than that, if the look is really disappointing, you will most likely end up with a free hairstyling session, only to treat your dissatisfaction.

 Can I talk on the phone while in a salon? What about using my laptop?

When you are very busy, sharing a couple of hours from your time can be really challenging. However, if you are constantly on the phone, you will most likely harden things for your hairstylist. Therefore, try to finish your conversations before sitting on that chair. Hairdressers London want a good result and so do you. If your mind is elsewhere, you cannot give out the proper indications. If something important shows up, do not hesitate to ask politely if you can take the call.

 How do I deal with chatty hairdressers when I dislike talking to foreigners?

In an attempt to make you feel comfortable, most hairdressers are very talkative. They do not realize that sometimes they may be bothering too. There are also situations when a good chat will make the time go faster. Fortunately, a properly trained hairstylist can understand when you are not in a talking mood. Let them know that you have been looking for some relaxing time for the whole week and they should understand. If they do not, the problem is in their skill training. However, this is not a general rule. There are a lot of different people and each of them is differently trained. Sometimes, agreeing or nodding on a chat is more than enough to stay polite and still enjoy your time.


In conclusion, your experience with a hair salon should be pleasant and comfortable, but it mostly depends on you. A few simple tips or tricks can relax you and also ensure a good final result.

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