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Avvo Physician Rating Service Can’t Get Accurate Information Listed on Doctors - One OC Oncologist Sitting in Jail for Fr

Posted Nov 01 2010 11:37am

These folks sent me an email about their new service and the first I’m going to do is look for a couple obvious doctors and it didn’t take more than 1 search and I found a doctor that admitted fraud, made national news and I even blogged about it back in April of 2010.  We need accurate data out there and if these companies are going to solicit business from doctors and others in healthcare, show some credibility. 

As of last week he still had a 5 Star Rating over here at HealthGrades, and I posted this original fact too back in April of 2010, so I think we need a call here for more than just aggregating data and additional check for real time information as this is what consumers should get when using services to research doctors.  Everybody else mines data on the web for accuracy so why do these doctor rating services not do the same before putting information on the web? 

Now I don’t know if Dr. Justice is allowed to “claim his file” here on the site or not and if he has internet access in jail, but here it is on the site today.  Would anyone like to endorse him?  It states certification data is provided by the American Board of Medical Specialties on the page.  Below are some captions from the website on how this company can help “grow” their practice and improve their web presence and perhaps Dr. Justice being he has plenty of time now might be interested <grin>.  This also make a point of more sites like this appearing on the web and putting the area of responsibility on the doctor to check and go to all these sites to update what they put out in error, not fair to the already busy doctors.  Who knows we could have another site like this start tomorrow for example. 



You know this makes one more point clear here too as last week there was a suggestion of putting the Doctor/Medicare payments on the web and I agree 100% with the AMA on the error factor and right here you see proof of it.  The article on the WSJ suggested that there are companies that can format and put the information out on the web, but if we used companies like this, well bingo on the error factor being alive and well. If you have ever worked with data sets and transferring and moving data (and I have) you know this is not as easy as it seems as not only are there errors, but you have corruption too that had to be cleaned up for integrity of the data too.  It all sounds nice, but a look at the reality of doing so needs a fair amount of consideration here too. 

Perhaps these folks might want to take a closer look and check before they endorse?  I just looked around and am posting what I saw as patients need accurate information today and this is what I try to do here with testing what’s on the sites and anyone could do the same.  If credible information is to be provided then perhaps mining the web for updates might be something to think about as it is certainly alive and well for finding information to market consumers from the other side of the coin, I just think we need some accountability here.  BD 


From the website:

“Doctor profiles, unbiased ratings, helpful information, and free access to all of it drive over two million visits to Avvo every month.

Avvo helps great doctors grow their practice

Avvo draws an enormous pool of prospective patients and referring physicians by offering more information and guidance than ever before. Our robust suite of free and paid marketing solutions enables doctors, hospitals, and private practices to connect with those who need their services. image

Avvo helps doctors manage their online reputation

Your profile is already here. Once you've claimed it, you can add as much supplementary information as you want to give prospective patients, colleagues, and the media a clear picture of your résumé, practice, training, and experience.

If you represent a private practice or hospital, you can claim the profiles for every doctor in your organization. With more and more people researching their medical issues online, it's important to make sure that every doctor's profile in your organization is as complete as possible. This will not only help attract new patients and referrals, but also allows you to manage your physicians' online reputations.”

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