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Australian Woman Has Stem Cell Transplant of Bone Marrow to Treat Multiple Sclerosis-Walking Again and Pain Is Gone

Posted Feb 11 2011 12:57pm

This is a pretty amazing story and she’s the second person in Australia to under go image the procedure.  She says it’s a miracle so far as she’s up walking again after being in a wheel chair for 2 years and if that were me I would be ecstatic too. In 70 percent of those treated there is no evidence of the recurrence of the disease over 100 months. 

There is no cure for MS and this procedure was actually done a while back and this story here is the follow up and results that she has achieved.  The risk of death was originally at 10 percent and the article states the danger of the procedure lists a death risk at one percent.  BD 

The 37-year-old Melbourne mum had a stem cell transplant, which she believes has effectively cured her of multiple sclerosis.
Ms Turner, the first Victorian to have the controversial treatment in Australia, reckons it rebooted her immune system and that the crippling disease has already left her body.
More than 18,000 Australians have multiple sclerosis, an autoimmune disease with no cure, and Ms Turner hoped her story would give others hope.
She said within days of her transplant at Canberra Hospital in November her pain vanished and she was able to walk long distances after two years of being wheelchair-bound.
"I just kept putting one foot in front of another," she said.

Six million stem cells were extracted from her blood, then frozen and stored.
She then had a heavy dose of chemotherapy to destroy her bone marrow, which had been producing the faulty cells, she said.
This was followed by her transplant, in which her stem cells were transfused back into her, and her bone marrow started producing healthy blood cells.

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