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As face to face time is becoming ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:22pm

As face to face time is becoming more difficult for the pharma reps, technology is stepping in...and one of the big tools is a Tablet PC... over 70% of the reps carry them...makes sense as I use one for training and sharing information and it sure makes my job a lot easier and I have all my notes in one place...when will healthcare management and physicians open Pandora's box and see the value and time it can save ...what do world leaders and pharma reps have in common?  They use tablet pcs...BD 

WASHINGTON — Patients today are less likely to bump into drug sales representatives at a doctor's office as pharmaceutical companies adopt cheaper technologies and more discreet ways to pitch drugs.

Technology is changing how companies do sales calls in other ways. Representatives used to carry pages of company studies and medical journal articles. Using tablet PCs, sales people can present their information faster and direct the doctor to company Web pages.   Meanwhile, the tablet PC automatically records information about what was presented and how it was received and sends it back to the marketing department. This feedback can be used to judge the quality of the company's message — and sometimes the skill of the person presenting it.

Consulting firm Exploria SPA says more than 70% of drug salespeople carry a tablet PC even though some representatives complain the devices allow managers to peer over their shoulders too much.

The changes are partly in response to a backlash against overly aggressive marketing of the past decade, when many executives believed the company with the biggest sales force would have the highest sales. From 1999 to 2001, U.S. drug companies expanded their sales staffs, on average, by 42%, according to the most recent research available from Datamonitor.

Seventy-five percent of sales calls these days don't involve a face-to-face meeting with a doctor, according to research by Leerink Swann & Co. Industry executives acknowledge increased demands on physician's time, including paperwork required by health insurers.

Drug promotion out of the doctor's office and going online -

In a related story other country leaders use Tablets too...

South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun, Travels with a Tablet PC. According to a story in Joong Ang Daily
"For his state visits to Kazakhstan and Russia, President Roh Mo-hyun will take with him the newest laptop computer, the Tablet PC. Instead of carrying heavy stacks of paper, Mr. Roh can check his travel itinerary and agenda by simply writing on the screen. The computer uses wireless keyboards as well.   For example, if the president types, "Siberian Gas development project," the computer will automatically call up all the information regarding the subject, including potential conversation topics with Mr. Putin. Instead of discussing lofty and conceptual topics during his meetings with presidents from both countries.

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