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Arizona Gov. Brewer wants Medicaid Waiver To Reduce Medicaid Rolls To Lower Costs

Posted Dec 10 2010 3:21pm

Earlier this year the state had to reverse a cutback as the new healthcare reform disallowed states to reduce their eligibility and now basically it looks like they are looking for relief somewhere along the line here to reduce it in another fashion.  We are probably all aware of the Medicaid transplant rules which were all over national news and one patient has already died as with applying those algorithmic formulas made the patient not eligible for the organ.  Again I wonder how they all come to terms and project budget needs overall and if other areas have been explored? image

So is this the solution to just cut funds and not allow care for those who need it?  There has to be a better way and this clearly goes to show the present business models for insurance are not sustainable and perhaps we will be default lean towards a single payer plan as when death panels and choices as such are made States and the US really fall down on the job as far as providing medical care.  Certainly there’s other areas where costs should be reduced with drugs and devices as well, but one area that is huge and created big Wall Street profits is the overall organization of how payables are done, the intangible cost that runs in the background that nobody takes the time to full explore and evaluate as it is above the understanding of most who are doing budgets.  We can’t continue to support all the systems that exist today as the transactions keep feeding themselves additional revenue with new mathematical formulas.  

To reset all the IT systems put in place at this point is also cost prohibitive and thus repeal of reform is too costly as well.  It’s all about those algorithms and the formulas and profits they create.  BD

PHOENIX (AP) — Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said Thursday she'll ask for a waiver under the federal health care overhaul so Arizona can reduce its Medicaid rolls to lower costs that Brewer and fellow Republicans say the cash-short state can't afford. If approved, the change could mean the loss of government-funded health care for hundreds of thousands of people.

Brewer's administration previously said it might request a waiver, but the governor on Thursday said "yes we are" when asked directly whether she would.

"We need flexibility from the federal government in order to get our state budget in line," she said.

Brewer spokesman Paul Senseman later said details of the waiver request are still being decided, including how many people could lose coverage.

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