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Aren’t elected officials supposed to be role models?

Posted Mar 04 2013 3:48pm

Shouldn’t the people we vote into power provide role models for how We The People should behave? I would hope that is a rhetorical question, but apparently it is not.

Obesity is by far the most costly and yet preventable illness facing the United States. The doctor who is the titular head of the US healthcare system would naturally lead the effort to address the problem. How much credibility does US Surgeon General, Dr. Regina Benjamin (panel A below), have in the fight against obesity when she is its poster boy?

On the subject of obesity, watch for a sequel to Cutting healthcare costs by killing patients (2/27/13), called “Cutting healthcare costs by saving patients.”

Organizationally, the IRS is under the control of the Dept of the Treasury. You would naturally expect, as I did, the Secretary of the Treasury to set an example for all tax paying citizens. What kind of role model was former-Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, a man who forgot or mistakenly filed his tax returns ?

The President of the US clearly is or should be our best role model, a paragon of honesty and integrity that we all should emulate. (“Honest Abe” Lincoln immediately comes to mind.) How does one then understand the pattern of lies of which President Obama has been proven guilty?

As evidence, consider the following: Obamacare (where you cannot “keep your doctor if you want to”); the slaughter of four Americans in Benghazi (Hillary Clinton fell on her sword to protect the President); and most recently, “I had nothing to do with that” (the Sequester.) Read Bob Woodward ’s article that proves the author was, indeed, Obama.

To provide full disclosure, Democrats are not the only people in Washington who provide us with “reverse role models.” When thinking of Republicans, the names is John Mitchell (Attorney General under Nixon) and Spiro Agnew (39th US Vice President) immediately come to mind.

However, the bulk of “blame and shame” belongs to Democrats. They consistently assert ownership of the moral high ground. It is therefore ironic and frankly alarming to find that their claim to moral superiority is as disingenuous as most everything else they say.

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