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Are you feeling that hang-dog look?

Posted Dec 15 2009 8:07am

iStock_000004360412Xdog with santa hat

Holidays and a New Year.  It can  be a time of reflection – if you’re not too busy just getting by.

Or maybe, the problem is you don’t know what to reflect on?   It’s all so overwhelming.

You might start here.  Ask yourself,

“What can I do for myself, right now so I can manage it all:  my health, my career and the demands of  the season?

Can’t answer that question? Have you tried  setting an intention?

I find it remarkably helpful to keep me on course, to stay in balance.   Use it as your  guidepost, you’re go-to position, when you’re in overwhelm mode.

My intention for the next few weeks is to some fun and laugh. When I wonder whether to do something or  I sense that what I’m doing isn’t good for me, I can check back with this intention.

What else can you do?

Create your personal agenda.

  • Have you tried  prioritizing the social events  rather than assuming you have to do everything (or maybe nothing!).   For more on this, read my post: Holidays Include Office Parties You Don’t Want To Go To) I’ve said yes to invitations I want to or must do and eliminated the events wI can. That’s hard for me — and it probably is for you.  But when I do it, I never regret eliminating something!  I plan to spend most of the next two weeks with our daughters  — which I rarely get to do — and saying no to other things that might interfere with that.

Look at your career plans.  Are you looking for a new job or trying to improve your current situation?

  • This is a great time to send hand written notes to people who have helped you and thank them.  This keeps you in their thoughts, it’s not big energy drain  and keeps up your momentum.  I’m taking a vacation from all client appointments for two weeks, I sent holiday cards to current and especially former clients and other contacts (a low stress thing to do) and set aside some business planning and professional development time for myself.

Finally, take a good  look at your health and your self care.

  • This is a good time to take some time off from whatever you’re doing – just to give yourself a break.  You don’t have to keep convincing yourself that illness makes life difficult.  It does but you can give yourself some self care, too. What can you do for yourself that will help you to feel better? This is always tough. I’m planning to get lots of sleep, a pedicure and take some warm baths!  Mostly I’m hoping to be able to dwell on things other than what hurts or is tired (for a change) so plan lots of movies and other fun distractions.

Living with illness makes life unpredictable.  But we have to make  plans that let us keep  living our lives.  For more ideas on how to work, have a life and live with illness, check out my  “Career Thrive  When You Live With Chronic illness ” Guidebook series. I wrote it to motivate and sustain you!

What do you do so you can have some fun, keep working and still live with chronic illness?

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