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Are Warren and Jimmy Buffett Related?

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:16pm

Well it took some spitting and DNA to give us the answers.  I missed the articles earlier and always somewhat wondered myself, well the mystery is no longer that.  By using the Ancestry Tools at 23AndMe, the word is out, that the 2 are not related, so no complications on being included in the will for Jimmy, but he doesn’t have to worry anyway as he looks pretty happy and content in Margaritaville.  I post quite a bit about pharmacogenomics and this is a bit of a change of pace, same principles, but seeing DNA in action to trace ancestry of both.  I do wonder though, if any aspect of life would have changed for either if they had been related in the DNA results. (grin).  BD

Recently the Buffetts, both customers of 23andMe, turned to DNA to help determine whether they share a common ancestor.


It's no surprise that Warren and Jimmy Buffett have been long-time friends and fans of one another. Warren Buffett, chairman  and chief executive of the investment fund Berkshire Hathaway, and Jimmy Buffett, lead singer of the Coral Reefer Band, have a lot in common. As Fortune's 1999 article points out, both men "play stringed instruments, stick to their guns, and are filthy rich."

Well, it turns out that Warren can leave Jimmy out of his will. Though the two Buffetts could still be distant cousins, their Y chromosomes are no more similar to one another than those of any two unrelated men.

23andMe - Variations: Are Warren and Jimmy Buffett Related?

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