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Apple’s Healthcare Play

Posted Feb 11 2010 7:22pm

I have been asking a few folks what they think of the prospects for Apple recently release iPad in today’s Healthcare environments? Well most smilea few chuckle but only for a minute and then they get a bit serious “You know BillYou May Be on To Something”They say. Perhaps they are just too polite to say they think I may be “On Something”.

EPIC iPhone App

Earlier this monthdetails about Epic Systems’ partnership with Apple for a mobile phone-based electronic health record (EHR) application came to light when Epic System’s iPhone applicationHaikubecame available on Apple’s AppStore. Like all iPhone appsHaiku will work on the iPad devicetoo. For mobile EHR apps thoughthe increased screen size will likely be very helpful for those clinicians aiming to use images on the platform for making any kind of diagnostic decisions.

Of coursehealthcare providers may also see the iPad as another platform they could use to connect with their patients: Mayo Clinic recently partnered with smartphone application developer DoApps to form a new start-upcalled mRemedywhich is focused on creating health apps for smartphones. mRemedywhich formed just a few weeks agois creating apps with Mayo based on the provider’s research and services.

What do you thinkcould a tablet be the product that brings Apple inside the hospital walls and improve the system?

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