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Answering to Stewie's family

Posted Jun 12 2013 3:37pm
#TPSER9 I reported yesterday on the distressful case of Stewie, seen to the left, who met his untimely fate when a group of Telluride residents failed to properly execute a team-based procedure.  Was this adverse event preventable or not?  Poor planning and communication and finger-pointing may have contributed to the failure, but the inexorable law of gravity certainly played a key role.

This afternoon, there was an unexpected interruption, as Stewie's parents broke into the meeting, and the teams were confronted by the angry relatives.

Their comments evoked memories of happier days, when Stewie and his family were closely tied in so many ways.  (See below for a picture from the family album.)

But today they demanded answers.  "Was Stewie made aware of the risks of this procedure?" "Is there a detailed record of that disclosure?" "Was this the first time the doctors carried out this procedure?"  "Is anyone going to be fired?"

The residents responded.  They expressed true regret and sympathy, saying also
It is still too early to understand exactly what happened.  As soon, as we know, you will know.  We will be totally transparent with you on that point.  Yes, he was informed of the risks.  It was a fairly new procedure, and I explained that to him.  Here are our cards: Please call us at any time, day or night, if you have questions or concerns. 

To my readers:  How'd they do?
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