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Another recall of H1N1 nasal vaccine due to loss of potency

Posted Dec 27 2009 12:49am

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Once again we have had a recall of nasal H1N1 vaccine.  This unfortunately adds to public concerns about the safety of the vaccine.  To date, over 60 million Americans have received H1N1 vaccinations and the side effect profile appears no different than the routine annual flu shot.  This recall, like the others, is related to loss of potency, NOT safety.  The FDA stressed this as did the manufacturer.  Parents should be aware to make sure their children are getting the correct vaccine, but in almost all cases, this batch will have already been removed within 24 hours of the recall notice.  Discuss with  your child’s pediatrician or doctor if you have any concerns . . .

Vaccine-maker MedImmune has voluntarily recalled 13 lots of vaccine against the pandemic H1N1 influenza because the lots have lost some potency since they were manufactured. In the second such recall this season, manufacturer MedImmune says the vaccine has lost potency since it was made. ‘This is not a safety issue,’ a U.S. official says. The Food and Drug Administration said Tuesday that the vaccine is safe and patients who received the product should be protected from the H1N1 virus. The FDA says the vast majority of the doses have already been distributed and used. Agency officials say the vaccine met potency specifications when it was distributed in October and November. AstraZeneca Plc recalled 4.7 million doses of its nasal spray version of the swine flu vaccine after routine tests showed a decline in potency, U.S. regulators said. The doses remain safe, and people who have already been inoculated don’t need to get vaccinated again

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