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Anne Davis: The Voice of Experience

Posted Jan 07 2009 6:28pm

Tech Enhanced Learning
Anne Davis is an amazing teacher and woman. Yesterday my students had the priviledge of spending 50 minutes with her chatting as though we were having tea around the kitchen table. Anne style is so natural and relaxed that she makes you feel like all of this is really doable. The students loved her.

I first met Anne through another precious Web friend, Darren Kurpatowa, who is a secondary math teacher in Canada. I met Darren through his blog. Anne and I also worked together during the K12Online Conference where she gave one of our keynote presentations. When I was putting together this course I asked Anne if she would be willing to speak at one of our Virtual Monday sessions and she graciously agreed. She shared her experiences about blogging with elementary students and as all of these students are starting to blog themselves, she gave some general tips for professional blogging as a teacher. If you would like to watch the archive of the session click here.

Virtual Mondays
The course is Tech Enhanced Learning and it is for preservice elementary teachers at the College of William and Mary where I serve as an Instructor.  I have the unruly task of teaching this course on Mondays and Wednesdays in 50 minute periods in a classroom with laptops that have to be taken out, set-up, and booted and then taken back down as part of the 50 minutes.  It has challenged me to be very concise in the information I choose to share and be quite creative in delivery.

On Monday, we meet in Elluminate.  In an attempt to model networking and illuminate the possibilities of collaborating with others from around the world, I have asked various guest teachers experts to meet with us on Mondays and share their ideas and enthusiasm for different 21st Century teaching strategies. You can view the lined up speakers on the wiki.

As a solution to being able to engage the students more with the concepts of the course I decided to meet f2f on Wednesdays and online on Mondays. In addition, we are using a class wiki and Tapped In to organize, collaborate, and build networks throughout the course.

F2F Wednesdays
On Wednesday, I typically arrive 45 minutes early to class and find most of the students there waiting! I use the time to answer questions and troubleshoot. It is so humbling and inspiring to see these students in their seats so soon before class. Then when everyone arrives at the official start time of the class, I teach like a wild person for 45/50 minutes  (to allow take down time of the laptops). It is very intense.

The students are also collaborating with many talented educators, another W&M class (secondary preservice) and other tech using educational stakeholders from around the world in our electronic mentorship experience in Tapped In. The conversations taking place there are lively to say the least.
The differing global perspectives are making this a learning experience for me as well. If you would like to be part of a virtual mentorship experience just comment here and let me know.

A big virtual thank you to the following mentors:

Barbara Besal - Virginia
Chris Craft- SC
Vicki Davis - Georgia
Randy Fullington - Alabama
Joseph Papaleo - Australia
Bud Hunt - Colorado
Vinnie Vrotny - Illinois
Marsha Ratzel - Kansas
Crystal Wright- Alabama
Mark Clemente - Virginia
Art Lader - South Carolina

Connie Stigler - Alabama
Jon Hanbury - Virginia
Paul Harrington - Wales
Lynn Holland - Alabama
Allanah King - New Zealand
John Holland - Virginia
Jeff Utech - China

Past Teacher - Or Edc Specialist

April Chamberlain -Alabama
Jonathan Messer -Virginia
Emily Kornblut -NY
Mark Wagner -California
Anne Davis - Georgia
Karen Janowski - Massachusetts
Aimee Smith - Alabama

Special Guest Preservice Teacher:
Christine Papaleo- Australia

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