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Analysis about Ore Beneficiation Process of the Gold

Posted Nov 13 2012 8:46am

Gold ore is the mineral aggregates with the enough gold content can be used in the industry. According to the survey, about 80% rock gold mine uses the flotation process for the gold separation. The flotation method usually can be divided into the differential flotation and the bulk flotation. Most concentrates generated are sent to the ferrous smelter for processing. Since the partitioning methods of the gold ore with different types are different, according to the degree of oxidation of ore, the gold ore can be divided into the native (sulfide) ore, partial oxidation (mixed) ores and oxide ores. Therefore, according to the actual situation, the ore beneficiation should be carried out by combining with the beneficiation process requirements.
First, in terms of the depleted sulfide gold ore, this kind of ore is mostly the quartz vein type. In addition, there are also the complex quartz veins and veinlets disseminated type with small sulphide content. The natural gold particle size in this kind of ore is relatively large. The gold is the only recycled object, and other elements or minerals have no industrial value, which can only be recovered as the by-product. The single flotation or cyanidation and other simple processes can be used to get higher sorting indicators.
Second, in terms of the multi-sulfide gold ore, there is too much pyrite or arsenopyrite content in his kind of ore. They are also the recycled objects like the gold. The grade of the gold is relatively low with little change. The natural gold particles are relatively small, and most of them are wrapped up in the pyrite. It is easy to sort out the gold from sulfide with flotation. However, the complex combining process of mineral and smelting should be used to separate the gold from the sulfide. Otherwise, the recovery index will not be too high.
Third, in terms of the gold-bearing polymetallic ores, such ore also includes the copper, copper lead, lead zinc silver, tungsten, antimony and other minerals besides the gold. They all have the value which can be separately mined. The native gold is closely associated with the pyrite. In addition, most of them are closely associated with the copper, lead and other minerals. The native gold is unevenly disseminated. The change interval of the granularity is long.

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