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An Introduction and My Top 5 Expectations from RSNA 2010

Posted Nov 24 2010 2:59pm

Hello and welcome to the HDS Healthcare blog. I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as I’m new to the blogging scene and new to Hitachi Data Systems. My name is Dave Wilson and I’m the senior director responsible for Hitachi Data Systems Global Business Development team in the Health and Life Sciences vertical.

I spent the last 7 years at Agfa HealthCare in a variety of global and regional roles, my last as vice president of Agfa Canada Sales and Service. I’ve been a patient all my life and have spent the better part of my career on the industry side of healthcare, although I did spend 7 years in the hospital as a Nuclear Medicine, Magnetic Resonance Technologist. My perspective on the healthcare industry will always be clinically focused for the most part and you will see my blogs support that. I welcome your feedback at any time.

It’s that time of year again – it always seems to come out of nowhere and yet, The Radiological Society of North America Scientific Assembly ( RSNA ) always falls at the same time every year.

From a vendor’s perspective, we are always crazy busy crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s to get ready for the biggest show of the radiology industry. As a Canadian, RSNA has never had a big impact on my family life, other than being away for 10 days straight, but my sympathies to my American colleagues who converge on Chicago on Thanksgiving weekend every year.

For those of you not familiar with RSNA, it is an healthcare emerging trends and tech annual show that attracts roughly McCormick Place hosts the event, and every year it gets bigger and bigger. The exhibit hall is massive – many vendors will set up their entire portfolio of medical devices (CT, MRI, PET scanners…) and showcase future technologies. Some say that RSNA really stands for “Real Stuff Not Available” as there are so many futures on the show floor that it’s hard to tell what’s available. But as an attendee, you want to see what you are buying into. It’s all about buying into the future and ensuring that what you invest in today will sustain you into the future.

So what can we expect to see at RSNA this year? There is always some hot topic that emerges that inundates attendees. Not that long ago the hot topic was web-based or web-enabled PACS systems and the major players were showing their latest creations. This was followed by a drive for radiation reduction and patient safety. There were many debates and discussions around mammography doses and image quality vs. detection. As PACS has become a standard tool for radiology and the increase of examinations challenged the decrease in radiologists, the topic of teleradiology surfaced with discussions around off shore reading and telemammography technologies evolving. Mike Cannavo always does a great review of RSNA and awards the “tongue in cheek” PACSman Awards so check them out soon after the show.

Here are my expectations for this year’s show from an IT perspective:

  • Vendor neutral archiving – by non-neutral vendors looking to create interoperable archives. I’m sure there will be many booths talking about how they can return ownership of the data to the hospital and reduce the need for migrations. I expect this will be a battle between the PACS vendors and those wanting to encroach on their territory.
  • Enterprise imaging – by PACS vendors, storage vendors, System Integrators, EHR vendors. Radiology has moved beyond the department and is now enabling the rest of the enterprise with image access is sure to be a major factor.
  • Meaningful Use – funding, progress and how to achieve it with the help of technology
  • Personalized Medicine – the theme for RSNA 2010 – portals, EHR and patient centric applications
  • Cloud Computing for PACS – the cloud has been slow to gain a foothold in the healthcare industry with many questions still lurking around ownership of data, security and pricing models. 2010 will probably have a Cloud PACS on every booth.

As always, RSNA holds great promise and for once I won’t be triple booked.J Enjoy Chicago and everything that it offers. I’d like to hear back from anyone that attends what they expected and afterwards what they saw as major newsworthy events.

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