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America starts to open it’s eyes

Posted Jan 25 2010 1:45pm

One of the recent developments in health care reform is a growing trend of reactions citing the issue of the government’s transparency on this issue. America seems to have finally realized just how little the politicians actually tell us.

In a letter to the Bellingham Herald, Ron Lynch recently wrote

Every citizen in the country should be incensed with the health care bill process being carried on behind closed doors in Congress. I believe the Democrats are clearly buying votes using taxpayer money. Why should some states be singled out for receiving more benefits than others?

Union workers will be exempt from healthcare insurance taxes until 2018. Why should union workers receive a better deal than non-union workers? This is basically un-American.

How can any decent person support what going on? Among other taxes, Congress is considering higher Medicare payroll taxes to offset the union’s tax exemption.

The pharmaceutical companies have agreed to pay the government $80 billion if the health care bill includes favorable provisions. You can bet that the other industries that support this bill stand to profit from it.

As Americans we deserve better. I believe most Americans oppose the health care bill, yet it is being rammed down our throats. I think even Democrats should be outraged over the ongoing corruption.

President Obama acknowledges that the opinion polls do not show support for this bill. However, according to him, we don’t know what good for us and that we should trust him. Right, I’ll do that right after C-SPAN televises the ongoing health care negotiations.

Ron Lynch

Transparency of our government is important to put it mildly; there are drawbacks to releasing every bit of information and outlining every step of the process involved in health care reform or any other issue for that matter – those who misinterpret the information and twist the words of others can have a huge impact on how the uninformed feel about the issues.

While the current behavior of our nations leaders is absolutely terrible at best – Why are so many only now beginning to openly recognize this problem?


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