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Allstate Insurance Disability Problems

Posted by Naples Insured

Greetings All, I have a serious problem with Allstate Insurance. I am a divorced male and part of my divorce agreement states that I have to have a disability policy in case I get hurt so as to be able to continue to pay for my kids needs. My x-wife is also required to have a similar policy. First, I got a policy with State Farm, after a couple of years, I got married for a second time, and my new wife had Allstate for all of her insurance needs. She talked me into changing all of my insurance from State Farm, to Allstate, which I did. She said that her friend was the owner of one of the local Allstate offices. Sometime after that, about a year or so, I was at work as General Manager for a beach front resort. I got on the elevator and pushed the button to go down, and the elevator fell what appeared to be about 3-4 stories to the bottom. I was totally paralyzed, and one of the residents found me on the floor of the elevator, unable to move. I was flown to the hospital via helicopter and treated for a torn spinal cord. I was told that I would not walk again, nor use my arms. Plus, as a bonus, the fall tore my intestines and I was cut open from my sternum to my pubic hair line to reattach my innards. Ok, I regain some use of my legs and can walk some with my cane, my arms and hands work some, this after 3 years of physical therapy. Here is where it gets sad. Allstate refused to pay on my disability policy, saying that I "I can do something". My policy clearly states that if I am not able to perform the substantial duties of my job, that I will be able to collect on my claim. I have had to hire an attorney to fight my case, and am struggling since my accident. I would just like to warn those out there that are using ALLSTATE, please consider my problems before acquiring a disability policy. I am not sure if other people have had problems with claims, but I do know that when I needed money, and counted on my disability policy, Allstate was not there for me, and I have had nothing but problems and trouble in dealing with them. I have enough problems and stress from the accident, and to have Allstate Insurance Company cause more problems and trouble for me, is disappointing and I am so upset and frustrated that Allstate is such a poor company in their dealing with me and my case. I thought that Allstate was decent, but have found that they are more than happy to collect my premiums, but when you need them, they are not there for you, and may not meet your needs when you need them the most! Please consider this information when insuring with Allstate or changing companies for what ever reasons. Your insurance should be something that you can count on when you need it, not something that you have to fight for or get an attorney and wait for years to collect upon! Good luck, and if anyone wants to email me direct, please do so at Thank you and God bless.....Chris
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Thank you for the information, it is very helpful!
I think that Obama has done a great job in bringing the US population public health insurance. I think that it is an integral part of the UK and other nations' public life. In many ways, access to healthcare is a basic human right. I have been following developments at the insurance index that lists health insurance sites at recently. I feel that Obama is doing a good job for the USA overall, it has only been a year. So let's stop giving him a hard time and let him get on with his job. After all, he is a doing a lot better than the previous President ever did.
iam tring to get the applicain for disablety inc

"Hi! Thanks for the information, it's really good & interesting. I think Insurance is a booming market & to get the most out of it the companies must launch these kind of online tools which helps people to plan their insurance according to their need & budget.
Have a look :-)

It is a pity that you have so harsh time to get a policy to fulfill that kind of agreements. In Canada where I was living. It was quite different you don't even have to get that kind of health ensurance. they even pay for your
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