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Alijor - A new concept in social media between patients and healthcare providers.

Posted Dec 23 2008 9:14pm
Few would argue against the benefits of social media. Several platforms exist today bringing people together and making the world seem a bit smaller. Of late healthcare has begun to capitalize on the many aspects of this form of interaction. Provider rating services, provider search databases, and a host of others dot the world wide web for patients seeking providers or desiring to publicly evaluate their latest healthcare experience. Data bases such as and others which I previously posted about are sometimes quite overwhelming when searching for providers. Even with social media platforms such as these the amount of time spent obtaining a new provider can be quite lengthy.

A new concept is emerging for both patients and providers in the on going battle to find healthcare services. which launched its site earlier this year is a user friendly provider/patient social platform that patients can easily access and set up free accounts. The twist here is that not only can patients seek providers in their area but they can upload specific medical concerns for providers to respond to. Providers who are looking for new patients can also use the site to develop their own practice by canvasing the site's list of patients seeking providers and for what medical reasons - patients looking for doctors and doctors looking for patients. Alijor seems to be the conduit for both sides to connect.

The providers listed with Alijor are not just a list of providers from some public domain list. The lists that Alijor has only contain those providers that wish to be listed. So some patients putting in search locations may not come up with any providers for a specific medical specialty because there are no providers that want to be listed in that region. The key difference here from many other sites is that Alijor facilitates communication between patients and providers more specifically, and for only those parties that want to be included. You won't find providers on the site that don't want to be listed.

I suppose the next thing Alijor will be setting up will be a healthcare chat room of sorts in which patients and providers can interact in real time. Don't know how that works with liabilities or privacy laws but it would be a logical application to look into. Alijor doesn't provide medical record storage services that I saw looking at the site, but I suspect Allison Guimard who is the sites founder and CEO has plans to do so which could improve communications between providers and patients especially in a chat room like forum where providers could have access to detailed medical records when interacting with patients. Have to see what Allison comes up with as the site develops further.
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