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Affordable Lab Tests

Posted Apr 06 2009 11:15pm 2 Comments

<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />Do you know how to find affordable lab tests?


Fortunately I have good health insurance.   Four years ago I signed up for a high-deductible health plan for my family in order to keep our premiums down.   My deductible is $5,200 and as a result, I am getting really good at shopping around for the best value, negotiating cash prices with providers, calling around to get prices and using available tools/resources to comparison shop/understand fair prices.   The more money I am able to save on finding affordable health care, the more money I have to spend on family vacations.   That’s enough incentive for me.


My health insurer has negotiated special deals (discounts) with providers in my network.    When I use these network providers, I am charged the discounted rate for services.   This carefully guarded rate is difficult to find out until after services are provided because health insurers keep negotiated prices a secret.   That’s why I encourage consumers to post/share rates they paid for actual services in directory, to share with other consumers.   If insurers and providers will not reveal these prices, consumers should!


I recently had a series of blood tests done that were required for my upcoming surgery.   I realized if I went to my doctors office to have these blood tests taken, my out-of-pocket costs would be much higher, so I selected a stand-alone lab testing facility that offers affordable lab tests.   I went online to find Quest Diagnostics and scheduled my appointment.   I just received my EOB and here’s what I discovered


Prices For My Lab Tests for Comprehensive Blood Test

Total Quest Labs billed to my insurance plan       $ 193.78

Total discounted by my insurance plan                   $ 143.78

Amount of my out-of-pocket for my lab tests          $    50.00


If I wasn’t careful, I could have easily ended up paying a lot more for my lab tests.   If I did not have insurance, I would have negotiated a cash discount with the lab when I scheduled the service, to make sure I get a fair price.   Because of my cost-effective choices, I saved about $144.


Here are some resources you can use to find affordable lab tests in your area.



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Here is another great place for affordable lab tests right here in Dallas:   

They don't take insurance and you you don't need a Doctor's Rx so that keeps the cost down.  The draw center looks like a boutique inside and is very clean and modern.   ...and I did not have to wait to be seen.

Here is one more that you can put on the list - Blood Testing

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