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Aetna CEO with $18.2 Million Compensation while 47 Million Uninsured

Posted Dec 23 2008 9:14pm
In light of the many headlines and issues effecting healthcare today it seems irresponsible that an insurance executive should be compensated with an annual salary and benefit package of $18.2 million. Well Ronald Williams who is the CEO of Aetna Inc. received just that. Part of his compensation package other than a $1.1 million salary included over $77 K for personal use the the company aircraft, another $10 K for use of company vehicles. In 2006 Williams was compensated to the tune of $30 million which included a bonus. Aetna which is based in Hartford earned over $1.8 billion last year.

The country has some 47 million people without any or adequate health insurance. Insurance companies are raising their premiums, out of pocket expenses for prescription drugs for the average American are becoming cost prohibitive, and hospitals are piling up bad debt from medical indigents and running into financial hardship.

How does this kind of thing happen?
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