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Adjustment Maintenance for Transmission of Sand Maker

Posted Nov 20 2012 2:43am

Under the normal circumstances, the transmission of the sand making machine often uses the single motor or dual motor drive. The two heads of the dual motor drive are respectively mounted on both sides of the spindle assembly. The pulleys of the two motors are connected with each other through the belt and the pulley of the spindle so that the stress at the two sides of the spindle is balanced without the additional torque. In order to ensure energy efficiency of the sand making machine, the tension size of the transmission triangle tape of the sand making machine should be adjusted appropriately to ensure that the stress on the triangle tape can keep balance. When the two motors drive, the triangular tapes on both sides should be grouped. In addition, the length of each group should be as consistent as possible.
At the same time, you need to stop the machine regularly and open the observation door to check the attrition situation of the inner part of the sand making machine, namely the attrition degree of the central feeding tube, cone hat, the liner of the upper runner and the lower runner of the impeller, circumference guard and the wear blocks. When the components are worn, you should timely repair them or replace them to ensure the quality of the wear blocks. When the sand making machine is in the working process, you must not open the observation door to check the inner working situation. If you find that the impeller is worn, you should timely find the manufacturers for timely repair. Appropriate amount of grease should be added to the sand making machine every 400 working hour. After the machine has worked for 2000 hours, you can open the spindle assembly and clean it. After 7200 working hours of the sand making machine, you should replace the bearing. The upper end of the spindle assembly is the swimming end, while the lower end of the bearing is the fixed end. After the installation, you can rotate the pulley by your hands for flexible rotation. 

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