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Additional information on MRSA.. ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:22pm

Additional information on lives among us it appears everywhere..and the USA 300 can appear anywhere when people are sharing razors, etc., personal items...BD 

But here's the conundrum: Another kind of staph infection, this one acquired out in the community, is much more "virulent" -- by which I mean invasive and quick to replicate in the host -- than hospital-acquired staph. This is the notorious "USA 300" strain, the one that has been dubbed the "superbug." This is the one that has been causing panic in the community at large, closing schools and killing a number (but not a terribly large number) of people.

USA 300, and a few other community-acquired strains, contain in their genetic makeup many more virulence factors than hospital strains have. These traits make them more invasive and better at causing infection in healthy people. But even though they're more virulent, they lack many of the resistance genes that characterize MRSA in hospitals. That means they're more treatable.   Fortunately, even community MRSA strains, including USA 300, are still sensitive to many antibiotics.

What's more, hospital strains don't need to jump directly from person to person. They have help. Physicians, nurses and orderlies spread the strains among patients. A touch of a hand or the brush of a hospital gown against a bed can spread staph infection. Any break in hygiene, no matter how slight, may propel germs from patient to patient.

'Superbug's' killer cousin - Los Angeles Times

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