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Adding YouTube videos to your Powerpoint lectures

Posted Feb 09 2010 12:00am 4 Comments
A picture is worth a 1,000 words.

If this is true, then a video is worth 10,000 words.

This is why adding videos or dynamic images to your Powerpoint lectures is key, if you can find one to illustrate your teaching point. However, it takes a mini-lifetime to create a polished video. More likely you will find one already done on YouTube.

The problem in running online YouTube videos during your talk is that internet connection may not be reliable. I've given talks at ACEP, SAEM, CORD, and AAEM, and it is a hassle to get internet. It is an added cost and frankly, I don't want to have to rely on something out of my control to make my videos run.

My solution?

I download relevant YouTube videos onto my hard drive and insert them into my Powerpoint slides. Presumably if they are on YouTube, I won't be infringing on any copyright laws, especially because this is for non-commercial and pure educational purposes.

I did this most recently for last month's 2nd annual Trauma Intensive Care Symposium. For my talk, I downloaded a video of a Glidescope endotracheal intubation (which I used in yesterday's blog) and various dynamic ultrasound videos of positive FAST exams.

How do you download YouTube videos?
There are multitude of ways and most of them are free. For me, the most simple site is KeepVid. (I have no financial ties.) It's free. Simply find the URL address of the YouTube video you want, and paste the address into the blue bar. Click "download".

You can download in .flv format (for Flash) or .mp4 format. Macintosh powerpoint files will play mp4 videos. I'm not sure about PC powerpoints. Anyone know?

Happy downloading. Comments welcome.
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Vote for keepvid, it's really a good YouTube video download site. Some of the videos are FLV files so you can't directly insert them into your PowerPoint presentation. It really bothered me for a long time until I found an article teaching you how to insert FLV to PowerPoint with free tools. I think that will be a good complement for your article.

Hi, Adward: Great comment and thanks for the article about inserting FLV into ppt. I didn't know about this! - Michelle
I think youtube is a great tool for anyone interested in watching or uploading videos. I have been using the site for years now, and still think it is doing a good job. Ok, so sometimes it gets criticized for being too easy to break copyright laws, but youtube's online security is getting better. The best thing about the site is its great  video search engine and database. No wonder it made it as the top sharing site on this month. But there's some tough competition out there and as online video gets bigger and bigger, there's sure to be a backlash. Keep online videos free and easy to share!
There's no doubt youtube needs to be careful in the future, but it is a great site. Personally, I am a big fan of youtube and use it to keep up to date with news, sports and even movie releases. The problem with youtube, and many other online video sites, is that the picture quality can be bad. Some of the HD video sites listed on offer really good HD quality sites such as vimeo. But when it comes to choice, nothing can beat youtube.
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