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Access vs. Outcome: Steve Jobs: "I could have died." What saved him was Serious Medicine, not health insurance.

Posted Mar 22 2010 12:00am

Republicans are rushing to demand repeal of Obamacare, even before it is signed into law on Tuesday. Some top GOPers already calling for repeal include ,, and. No doubt many more will be eager repealers, even millions more; Americans For Prosperity has set up a petition site, here. Indeed, a new CNN poll shows 59 percent of Americans against the bill.

But as CNN's observed about his poll, that 59 percent is inflated by opponents from the left, as well as the right:

Still, it's easy to see voters across the spectrum punishing the Democrats for a) the way the bill was enacted; b) the likelihood that the Senate will leave at least a few of the egregious provisions in the bill, thus making the House look worse than it already does; c) the reality that more time-bomb provisions will be discovered; and d) the way that the Democrats will manage its implementation in the months and years to come. Those four factors--does anyone doubt for a second that the anti-abortion-funding Executive Order, in particular, will be shot full of holes?--as well as other negative factors, most obviously the economy, will make it likely that Republicans will win the Congress back in 2010, and the presidency in 2012.

But it won't be so easy, or so popular, to achieve an outright repeal of Obamacare. We might consider, for example, this taunting chart, shown above, produced by House Majority Leader

Yes, people will be fired up against Obamacare, but will they be as whipped up against coverage guarantees? Against filling in the "donut hole"--that is, providing more help for seniors to buy their prescription drugs? Against covering young people? Republicans are looking forward to more -type elections in 2010 and beyond, but they should not forget the elections of 2006 and 2008. Public opinion is fickle.

One who seems to sense this instability of public opinion is . In her Facebook post, she thundered against "detached and imperious government" and "corrupt deals," but her "clarion call" to action fell short of calling for complete repeal:

Note the key modifier: "dangerous portions of Obamacare." By that formulation, the portions of Obamacare that are deemed not dangerous will survive. Whatever happens, Palin is giving herself plenty of leeway.

America can do much better than Obamacare. That's been the argument of Serious Medicine Strategy all along. But if Republicans want to benefit from popular energy against Obamacare and the sort of rationing/restrictionist mindset at the core of the bill--and benefit from it long term, as opposed to just a one-off jolt--they will have to come up with a better healthcare plan of their own, and sell it to the American people.

And the beginning of a better plan is the realization that cures are cheaper than treatment, and that a thriving domestic healthcare sector could also be the medicine chest for the world.

UPDATE: From this afternoon: "Chamber Won’t Push for Health Repeal."
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