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Abortion Group Contesting Sale of Caritas to Private Equity Firm Cerberus–Pushing the Decision to Lose the Religion Sooner

Posted Aug 11 2010 5:13pm

Is this going to be an early buy out with the $25 million dollar contribution to charity for the Catholic affiliation with the hospital chain, or does the group stop the sale and hospitals close up.  As far as what I read  in the news, that looks like the 2 available choices here as there’s no money left in assets from the hospitals that are recovering from bankruptcy. 

Perhaps in another place in time when money was a little more available out there this argument could be held, but by the economic standards we have today I don’t image think it’s going to do much other than what I stated above.  BD

R.T. Neary, the director of ProLife Massachusetts and chairman of the Coalition to Save Catholic Health Care, said in an open letter to the pope that Cerberus has negotiated a right to strip the Boston diocese-owned hospitals of their Catholic ethics and identities by paying an additional $25 million.
Neary's letter says the buy-out option “can only be likened to 25 pieces of silver,” a reference to the 30 pieces of silver for which Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus Christ in biblical gospels. The letter says modern hospitals face a wide array of modern ethical problems, from abortion to in vitro fertilization, and that Boston-area residents should always have the ability to receive care at facilities that conform to Catholic ethics.

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