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Abdominoplasty - A Commonly Performed Aesthetic Procedure

Posted Jun 25 2013 9:28am

People who are looking forward to a solution for the stubborn abdominal fat that is resistant to diet and exercise commonly opt for abdominoplasty which is a result-oriented aesthetic procedure. Abdominoplasty, otherwise called tummy tuck, is also beneficial for removing extra skin resulting from sudden weight loss or pregnancy. A smoother and firmer abdominal profile is created by restoring the separated or weakened muscles. Reputable plastic surgery practices provide abdominoplasty surgery utilizing the latest advanced techniques to ensure long-lasting results.

Different Types of Abdominoplasty

The two types of tummy tuck procedures are standard abdominoplasty and the high lateral tension abdominoplasty. The high lateral tension surgery modifies skin excision to allow optimum mid-abdominal tightening. This is ideal for candidates with excess lower abdominal skin.

Standard surgery is ideal for candidates with diffuse abdominal tissues, and employs a more mid and gradual lower incision as excision of larger amounts of skin is required. In this method, more of fat and skin is removed from the lower abdomen for improved contouring.

Abdominoplasty with Liposuction- A Different Approach

Women who are undergoing this procedure can benefit more when liposuction is performed in conjunction. Excess fat removed through liposuction can be used for fat transfer breast and buttock augmentation for women looking to add volume to the breasts / buttocks, and thus regain their youthful figure.

How It Is Beneficial

You must approach the right plastic surgery practice that provides the service of an experienced plastic surgeon for an effective solution. Only an experienced surgeon can help you get the most out of this advanced surgery. Compared to traditional methods, the advanced tummy tuck treatment provides more long-lasting results.

- Candidates can benefit from an improved appearance with tighter abdominal muscles resulting in a slender look

- Large amounts of excess skin that may remain after a pregnancy can be removed effectively through this abdominoplasty surgery. Skin removal is possible through other methods too but the skin that got stretched to a large extent can be effectively removed by tummy tuck.

- The abdomen is comparatively a solid area to tone and tummy tuck is the smartest option if you are looking for a more slender waist.

- Moreover, it is being proved that the results of this procedure are long lasting.

Highly advanced and comprehensive plastic surgery solutions such as abdominoplasty are being increasingly sought after by men and women who have come to realize the advantages offered. A competent and experienced plastic surgeon can ensure attractive and long lasting aesthetic results.

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